Agroturystyka i Puszcza Notecka

The time spend at our guest house is a great pleasure mainly thanks to the beautiful nature around. First of all, our guest house lays next to Notecka Forest - one of the biggest forests in Poland...

Agroturystyka Puszcza Notecka noclegi
gospodarstwo agroturystyczne grzyby i grzybobranie w puszczy noteckiej

...that every summer and autumn is full of mushrooms... but if picking mushrooms isn't your favorite time of spending free time, you can always rent a bike and have a ride through the woods.

Beside that, our guest house lays right next to the Warta River which is a great place to relax... especially if you like fishing ;)

agroturystyka ryby wędkowanie
agroturystyka pośród lasu